When safety & compliance are your priority

WALES is a family owned and operated Australian business (est. 1982) that is committed to 'excellence' in truck repairs and customer service.

This commitment is reflected in our:

  • Ongoing investment in equipment, technology and expertise to handle any type of truck repair or rebuild you require.
  • Large and state-of-the-art repair facility in Smithfield NSW. In fact, it is the largest one-stop single facility in Australia and employs over 50 skilled specialists who complete more than 900 repairs a year.
  • Established working relationships with all the major insurers to expedite your claim.
  • Structure that allows you to deal directly with one of the principals.
  • Genuine after-repair customer service.
  • Professional commitment to the industry and reputation as one of the leading truck repairers in Australia.

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The Benefit To You
WALES puts you first...and your
truck back in business faster.
NTI Premium Repairer