Pradeep Basker Australia Pty Ltd - 30 September 2013

First of all thank you very much for assisting us in relation to the accident claim.  I appreciate you coming over to assess the accident vehicle at the repair site all the way from Wagga.  Also wish to advise you that we received the vehicle, on Thursday 26th September 2013, which was a week earlier than the initial promised date.  I thank you and NTI claims department for organising the required paperwork quickly and efficiently.


Furthermore, I also want to add that I am very pleased with the professional repair service carried out on the vehicle, especially the way the vehicle was returned its almost brand new.


I also take this opportunity to thank Mr. Darren Wales – Managing Director, Wales Truck Repairs and his entire workshop Repairs team for their tremendous service and quality of workmanship received when our truck was in their repair centre.  The assistance provided from the time of assessment to the time when the repairs were completed and delivered were handled in the most friendly and professional manner.  Everyone I dealt with were always willing to help out in any way they could. 


As a small business contractor it is very important for me to get the truck back on the road, Wales Trucks seemed to understand the importance of this and made it possible, the repairs were carried out as necessary and truck was returned back to us much before the initial promised date.  I am indeed thankful for this.


I also want to thank Stephen Hanney – The Workshop Manager of Wales Truck Repairs, for keeping me updated on the progress of the repair work.  I am truly pleased with this.  I have no hesitation in recommending Wales Truck Repairs as an excellent repairer to anyone in the transport business.





Basker Ratnam


Pradeep Basker Australia Pty Ltd


Drum Master - 23 September 2013

Testimonial: "Very professinal organisation to deal with."

Drum Master

ACFS - 19 September 2013

Great job!

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